2006- my landscaping project, flagstone walkway and stone wall.

2007- cedar/hemlock arbor

2010- Labyrinth

2011- my "Dream Garden Shed"

Haven't had a lot of time to put into KAPing (Kite Aerial Photography) but for the time being, check this out. I just love this Flash movie.

Check out this awesome slide show of cranes.


Playing for Change

I once participated in a conference "It's Magic", sponsored by the New Brunswick Teachers' Association. It's the best term I can find to describe some of the many experiences I've had as a teacher. There are so many magical things that happen, that we could never engineer. The moment when the timing is just right and learning takes place, or just a moment you'd like to hang onto because there's something special about it. Often since that conference I've stopped to appreciate the moment and I think to myself, "It's Magic".

When I began to build this site, I simply wanted to share some inspiration whether from poetry, quotes, photography or experiences. I have an educational background in Art, but throughout my 30 years in teaching, through Education and Professional Development have discovered my enjoyment of and have gravitated towards mathematics. Math and Art are everywhere. I like to think of Art as a way of life. Or better still, life as a work of Art. How about the term, "Artful living"? It all fits; each person living life to the fullest.

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February, 2013

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